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A Meeting with Youths’ Buddy, “Youths-Ping” at Seoul Sharing Festival

Nowadays, sharing culture is spreading in our society and the importance of shared economy is increasing. In conjunction with this, Seoul Metropolitan Government held Seoul Sharing festival at Cultural Heritage Site at Sangam-dong from September 7 to 9.
There were about 20 companies participated in the event, including LifeShare, I-Baby, Youth Camp “Youths-Ping”, EunPyeong Sharing Center, and various services related to shared economy. Parents together with their kids were very happy with the services and events of the festival.

There was a booth attracted most of young people, children, and caught the attention of reporters. It was youth related camp called “Youths-Ping”, which is the union of seven Seoul Youth Centers (Gangdong, Gangbuk, Mapo, Mangu, Mullae, Boramae, and Changdong) to promote youth activities and conduct camping each year. "Youths-Ping" is the combination of word “Youth” and “Camping”.

What usually comes to your mind when it comes to the word “teenagers”? A group of young people who don't know society well and lack of experience? Or they are the ones who decide the future development of the country, they are the hope of the nation, so they have not only to work hard but should be good at various fields. But, at the end of the day, is there anyone telling them "Thank you", or telling them "It is definitely ok to rest for a while if you are tired"? The youth camp "Youths-Ping" is playing the role in sharing the rights of youth and specially emphasizing the right to rest.

What kind of rights do teenagers have? They have the right to be healthy, the right of privacy, the right of expression freedom, the right of education/culture/protection, and the right of freedom from danger. "Youths-Ping" has specially emphasized the right to rest for young people. An officer in charge of “Youths-Ping” had explained that “Youths-Ping” provides a space for youths to rest and also organizes programs to enjoy camping and board games together.

One of the programs conducted at the festival was to make “Kimbap Wax Candles” by using waxes. The person in charge explained in detail what "Youths-Ping" meant during the activity. He also answered all questions from teenagers who participated in the activity with great pleasure.

"This booth is designed to provide a variety of experiences for teenagers and to practice their right to rest."

- Seoul Mullae Youth Center
Tel: 02-2167-0100
Address: 110 Moonrae-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

While looking at the booth where the program is actively running, the person in charge of “Youths-Ping” told that there will be up to hundreds of teenagers participate in the camping this year. They will build tents and make spaces for teenagers for fun together in the yard throughout the camp, which indirectly practicing the right to rest for teenagers.

Seoul Youth Center in Changdong, Seoul, has prepared an IT booth in cooperation with Kwangwoon University. With the guidance of people in charge, everyone regardless of adults and children could experience the creation of 3D pens for free. Changdong Youth Center has been operating robot programs with “RO.BIT” of Kwangwoon University since 2009, and has conducted various programs to learn robots and 3D printers among various scientific fields. The name “RO.BIT” was born by synthesizing ROBOT and IT, a man-made merchant at Kwangwoon University.

- Seoul Changdong Youth Center
Tel: 02-950-9600
Address: 132 Nohae-ro 69-gil, Chang 4(sa)-dong

There is a program called “Dalchon HONEY BEE” which is currently operated by Mullae Youth Center. The program is aimed at families with children aged from 6 to 13 (with parents), the third Saturday of every month from 10 to 12. The program includes many fun activities such as education on honey, making honey and making green chestnuts. For those who are interested, we receive online/offline registration and feel free to inquire.

- Mullae Youth Center
Homepage :
Application method: Download application form and e-mail, first-come-first-served
E-mail :
Participation fee: 5,000 won/person (pay on the spot)
For more information, please feel free to call our special project team, 02-2167-0178.

“If honey bee die out, human will follow a few years later.” - Albert Einstein.

“Youths-Ping” will be of great help to teenagers' mental and psychological growth by allowing them to gather together and play and relax. Meeting, sharing and taking a break without thinking about academy is a very important part in a teenager’s daily life.
There is a common saying in Chinese. "Taking break is for a longer journey." Unfortunately, not many people realize this. Not many teenagers know about “Youths-Ping”. In my opinion, it would be better for “Youths-Ping” to be promoted widely than now and participate in larger campaigns or festivals.
Besides, “Youths-Ping” can also work with schools to run programs such as camps and festivals. It would be more effective to emphasize the need to rest from schools.

-“Youths-Ping” Programs
1) Map Club
Period: All year round
Participation fee: 80,000 won per year
For more information, please call  Target Business Team at 02-2266-8247.
2) Poli Youth (PY)
Period: All year round (11 times)
Participation fee: 30,000 won
For more information, please call Target Business Team at 02-2266-8247.
3) Seo Dong Yeon Workshop
Period: All year round
Participation fee: after consultation
For more information, please call Target Business Team at 02-2266-8247.