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A New Continent-Rooftop Share

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “rooftop”? There will be different kinds of ideals according to ones’ experiences. A place where dried plants placed on the green floor, a place where you can enjoy the rooftop romance, or sunbed tanning under the scorching sun.… Wait a minute, isn’t it that you can only see it on foreign beach when it comes to sunbed tanning? Contrary to popular belief, there are already people who leisurely enjoy sunbed tanning on the roof of other people's homes, and Yang Byung-woo, the CEO of Pri[va]hour, is one of them.

“The Rooftop King, Augustine, is my goal."

After returning from his year-long trip around the world with a motorcycle after quitting his job, he began to wonder how the community could share the space and feel the joy through the sharing of space in Korea. The outcome of the worry has led to the establishment of the Pri[va]hour, which organizes various rooftop activity programs while considering the consumers’ usage time.
The CEO, Yang Byung-woo was interviewed in his office at Itaewon.

Q1. What does the name ‘Pri[va]’hour mean?
Yang – a combination of the English words 'private' and 'hour', meaning personal time to spend with friends. You can have fun with your friends in places like the bar, but ‘Pri[va]hour’ provides the most personal space for you to spend time with your friends. Personally, I want to share my experience of the parties at private spaces with local friends during my trip. In 'Pri[va]hour', brackets refer to space and 'va' means 'value'. As its name suggests, our business is doing something that gives new value to space, especially on the roof.

Q2. On what scale is ‘Pri[va]hour’ currently operating?
Yang – Our company is now a corporate company that has lasted for three years. Although I'm currently working alone with ‘Pri[va]hour’, I usually work as partners with those who have contents. The most memorable partner is the one who brought the rooftop yoga content. There are nine branches in Seoul and one in Busan.

Q3. What is the value that Prie [va]hour would like to share?
Yang – We are basically doing a place-sharing business. It's a service about the sharing of private rooftops. As a result, I think this is a way to share fun times with friends on the rooftop and rediscover the value of the other people’s rooftop.
Our company is not only holding for rooftop tanning program but also currently operating various unique programs such MT, rooftop yoga and others upon the request of consumers.

Q4. What is your most memorable project by now?
Yang – The rooftop tanning party is the most memorable for me. This is a project that we're still working on. Maybe I am the first in Korea who run the rooftop tanning program. (Laugh) The rooftop tanning doesn't just end with a few sunbeds, but we've also planned all the details to make you enjoy the heat. For example, you would feel uncomfortable if it is too hot, so we are mixing it with party form so that you could enjoy the controlled heat.

Q5. What are the difficulties in running the project?
Yang – Weather and seasons affect a lot as the rooftop is an outdoor space. It is hot in summer and cold in winter. You can only enjoy rooftop tanning during summer. To overcome the limitations of the seasons and weather, it is convenient to install facilities, but there are conflicts with the building law, so it is not easy to resolve them. Interests toward rooftops are growing nowadays and we hope to have more specific regulations.

Q6. What is your goal in the future?
Yang - Personally, I am dreaming of becoming a rooftop king. (Laugh). When people think of Augustine(Yang’s English name), they will say, "Ah! The rooftop king!" We're now in the process of expanding after three years of operation. I'd like to discover more values for the rooftop.

Q7. Please say something to Seoul citizens who are not yet familiar with the shared economy.
Yang – The shared economy is already popular in our community. If you do not know about shared economy, I hope you could have more concern for it. Besides, I hope you would realize the joy of sharing  and be the subject of sharing, not just enjoying the value of sharing.
Yang described the rooftop as a "new continent" with infinite development. There are many more contents that have not yet been discovered in the rooftop space. Why don't you fill the abandoned, remaining rooftop with new and rich contents?

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