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It has been two years since CC Korea began to run Share Hub with the support of the Seoul city government, sharing economy companies and many people who believe in the value of sharing. As we have run towards the rather inexplicit goal of “Spreading the Culture of Sharing,” we scratched our heads and went through trials and errors. However, we are glad that those 2 years’ of efforts have not gone in vain, which is proved by the sharing movement happening all around us.

With the year coming to an end, here we are presenting the stories of Share Hub for the past two years.

But the achievements included in this report were made possible not just by Share Hub, but also by all who have moved together to create a “sharing city.”

And this is also a process of reviewing the challenges we should address in the future and gathering better ideas.

Share Hub hopes “sharing” becomes a way of life in our daily life and a key to a sustainable future. This key is not a magic bullet that solves all problems at once, but a key of cooperation to solve our concerns and problems together.

We sincerely appreciate all who have supported us in this endeavour for the past two years.

Dec 2014 CC Korea


More than 1.5 million people have visited Share Hub since its launch. A new article is posted to Share Hub every other day. We hope more meaningful sharing stories are introduced through Share Hub next year.

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Most popular contentShare Hub communicates with users through its official website, Facebook, Twitter, KakaoStory, and Naver Blog.



Supporters of Share HubMeet Share Hub’s supportive partners who collaborate with us to promote and enhance the value of sharing.

Lauren Anderson

국외 인터뷰

Lauren AndersonCollaborative Consumption Team

Short introduction about you and collaborative consumption.

I have been researching the growth of collaborative consumption over the last four and a half years with my colleague Rachel Botsman. Over this time we have launched, a leading source of news and information about the growing global movement as well as a directory of over 1000 examples. We also work with companies and governments through our advisory, Collaborative Lab, helping them to adopt the lens of the collaborative economy to help innovate in their own work.

Expectation for ShareHub.

Seoul has been taking the lead in many initiatives for the collaborative economy over the last few years, with ShareHub and its community playing a big role in this. We are excited to see ShareHub continue to pioneer its work in the future and look forward to building an even stronger partnership.

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The Seoul City declared itself as Sharing City and have selected and provided various support to companies and organisations that engage in sharing economy in order to create a sharing ecosystem.

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  • 한카
  • 비앤비히어로
  • 처치플러스
  • 그린카
  • 우주
  • (주)한국데이타하우스(N마켓-스페이스쉐어)
  • (주)페어스페이스
  • (주)키플
  • (주)마이리얼트립
  • 스페이스노아
  • 로컬디자인무브먼트
  • 서울소셜스탠다드
  • 북피알미디어(책읽는지하철)
  • 일상예술창작센터
  • 블랭크(청춘플랫폼)
  • 셀팍
  • 아이들랏 (공간 공유 온라인 플랫폼)
  • (주) 위시켓
  • 공독
  • (주)플레이플래닛
  • (주)에스앤지유나이티드(홈스테이코리아)
  • 한인텔
  • 문화로놀이짱
  • (주)코자자
  • (사)한국라보 서울지부 (홈스테이)
  • 열린옷장
  • (주)그린아워캠퍼스(빌리지)
  • 은평e품앗이
  • (주)터크앤컴퍼니(헬로마켓)
  • 모두의 주차장
  • 자락당
  • 위즈돔
  • 조인어스코리아
  • 레디앤스타트
  • 프리쉐어링
  • 스페이스클라우드
  • (주)스탭서울컴퍼니 (공쓰재 프로젝트)
  • (주)집밥
  • 온오프믹스
  • 아이디어벤쳐스(스토어쉐어링)
  • (주)큐리어슬리
  • 퀘스트러너코리아
  • 코코팜스
  • 크몽
  • 크리에이티브 커먼즈 코리아
  • W컴퍼니
  • 빌리

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